what's in my 2021 goodie bag ?

Long-Sleeved Race Shirt
Cotton or dri-fit technology material - your choice! There is no extra cost for a dri-fit tech shirt.
A special 15th Annual Carrera de los Muertos® medal with a ribbon! 
A real bib. Traditional Race participants will get a Timed bib and Virtual Race participants will get an Untimed Bib. 
The bib is the same design for all Race participants. The only difference is the color. Traditional and Virtual Race participants will have separate colors.

Bibs will not have your typed name or nickname on them due to the added logistical processes and extra production work that is involved in personalizing bibs. We are focused on getting goodie bags assembled and shipped as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, your bib will have space for you to write your name and personalize/decorate it in any way you wish! 
Mercado Bag
A uniquely designed mercado bag. Perfect to take to the store, the beach, or for every-day travel use!

Packet Shipping

We are making it easier for everyone! No having to drive or take public transit, no trying to find weekend parking, and no waiting in lines for packet pickup. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy and conserve your time and energy for Race Day. 

So, all Carrera de los Muertos participants will receive their Goodie Bag in the mail.  This includes both Virtual and Traditional race participants. And fellow Pilsen neighbors, before you ask – yes, this includes you too :) It's safer and easier for our team to ship your items.

UNO is happy to be collaborating with Marathon Sportswear this year to ship our Carrera goodie bags. Marathon has been a longtime partner of UNO's, and the company does an outstanding job with our Carrera shirts. https://marathonsportswear.net/

Register before October 4th
Due to COVID and the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the shipping and logistics industry, we are not able to guarantee delivery by Race Day.  We will do our best to control what we can control. But please try to register by October 4th if you want a chance at receiving your goodie bag by October 30th.  Orders placed after October 4th will still be shipped to you, but they will not arrive until November.
Double Check That Your ACTIVE Network Address is Correct!
When you proceed through registration checkout in the ACTIVE Network site, be sure to enter the address where you want your goodie bag shipped. If you already have an established ACTIVE account, make sure the address you have on file with ACTIVE is your most up-to-date address. 
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