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United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) welcomes companies, running clubs, gyms, schools, and fellow charitable organizations to be part of our Corporate Wellness Program!

We started this program because we support corporations that are looking for ways to promote health and wellness among employees. Many of our participants like to run with their work families, and we encourage you to do so! This is a great way for colleagues to connect and engage with one another, represent your business/organization, and support active living.


Participating teams will receive a unique discount code to apply at registration checkout.

Teams of 10-25 people = $3 off per registration
Teams of 26+ = $5 off per registration


We will send you registration reports so you’re aware of who has signed up on your team.


UNO looks forward to recognizing our partners on our Carrera de los Muertos® social media platforms!


In appreciation for partnering with us, UNO will send your company a gift after the race event.
* Must be a company/business, running club, gym/fitness center, school, or not-for-profit charitable organization.

* Plan to recruit a minimum of 10 runners/walkers for your team.

* Have a business/organization representative serve as the Team Captain. This person will be responsible for recruiting other members of the team (E.g. sending out email invites to potential team members via the race registration system, and distributing the team’s unique discount code to use at registration checkout).

Are Financial Sponsors Included in the Corporate Wellness Program?

Yes! If you are an official financial sponsor of the 2021 Carrera de los Muertos®, your company is automatically included in the Corporate Wellness Program. But to receive a discount code for team members in addition to the complimentary entries you receive with your financial sponsorship package, your company needs to recruit a minimum of 10 more people.

Employer-Sponsored Teams

For companies who are not direct financial sponsors of the Race but that want to cover the cost of employee participants, UNO will will work with you to establish special payment arrangements. This way your employees do not need to pay with their own money at checkout.

*Special payment arrangements apply to all Employer-Sponsored Teams, regardless if there are 10 team members. However, your company needs a minimum of 10 participants to get a discount and be part of the Corporate Wellness Program.

Matching Gifts

If you are an employer interested in supporting matching gifts to UNO, contact Anna Hanson at

Corporate Wellness

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We will review your information and get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you have questions before filling out the form, you may contact us at


Our 2023' Hero Sponsors

We Value Our Sponsors & Partners:  For more information on the opportunity to become a Sponsor, please contact us, at
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